Right next door, you can find Sobelman's Pub and Grill. It's the perfect place to go in between your local adventures and your restful nights. Burgers, Beer, and more in one comfortable, laid back place!

The Cedarburg Art Museum is an inclusive gathering space that celebrates both local and Wisconsin art. Through original exhibitions and programs, the museum supports, enhances, and furthers the creative arts in our community. The Cedarburg Art Museum provides a variety of inventive classes for all age groups. Support local artists and enjoy the sights!

Every year, the summer in town is topped off by Wisconsn State Fair! Here, you will find incredible food, rides, games, and even a small zoo. Experience all of wisconsin in one place! 

Prepare to go to Summerfest every summer! This is the largest music festival in the world and had continued to be so for generations. Experience music of all genres in one place, between many stages, and across many days!

Year round festivals will keep you amused and entertained. The winter festival, A Cedarburg Christmas, Oktoberfest, the Wine and Harvest festival, and the strawberry festival! All of these incredible festivals in one place!

American Family Field (Formerly known as Miller Park) is one of the most well-known baseball stadiums in the world. While in town, theres no better way to experience the sport than being there live and in-person. 

Uihlein Soccer Park is Wisconsin's premier indoor/outdoor soccer complex. With 13 fields, this is the primary location for lots of soccer games. Also featured are rugy, lacrosse, and football games. 

There's no better place in the city! Milwaukee Public Museum is a magical exerience. Come walk through the streets of Old Milwaukee, experieince the evolution of life on earth in action when seeing the dinosaur and anthropology exhibits. Take a stroll through the rainforest and more all in one place!